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Motion Design
  • 1. Kiev, shopping center "Gulliver"
An advertising campaign for the Parkhomovsky Museum, which was placed on the largest media facade in Europe, at the Gulliver shopping center in Kyiv, Ukraine

The commercial is aimed at promoting culture. The museum was created by a man who collected paintings all his life. Now these paintings are art, part of world history.
  • 2 all Ukraine media facades
Big advertising campaign for mobile banking.

The work included:
- inventing a script
- photo shooting
- mounting

- more than 30 media facades in all cities of Ukraine
- targeted advertising
- screens in intercity trains
- screens throughout the Kiev metro
  • 3 all dnipro media facades
Solov'ina (native language)
Advertising campaign of a social project.
This is a podcast aimed at popularizing the national language among the inhabitants of our country.
- on all media facades in Dnipro, Ukraine
- social media
- targeted advertising

- coming up with a concept
- creating scenarios
- drawing illustrations
- animation, editing

In the podcast "Solov'ina" we are talking about trends and transformations in current Ukrainian language. On simple butts, we learn how to speak correctly in native language and develop myths about the new rules of Ukrainian spelling.
  • 4 stock
Motion videos for stock
Create unique videos for video stock

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  • 5 all media facades in Dnipro
Advertising campaign for a restaurant with a new key visual.

- all media facades in Dnipro
- targeted advertising
  • 6 target
Promo videos for Brand and Event Agency No. 1 in Dnipro, Ukraine

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  • 7 smm
Commercials for a private kindergarten.
- social media
- Corporate website
- advertising

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  • 7 smm
Promotional videos for the instagram feed of the dental clinic

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